We have put together a checklist for how to write a successful Eurostars application. It is a list that briefly describes the process in writing an application and what steps you should take. Below is a short version with no links. For the full version download pdf here.

  1. Identify Your Unique Idea for an application to the Eurostars programme.
  2. Check the eligibility criteria for participation (country, SME etc.)
  3. Register on the Eurostars web to access the online application form.
  4. Contact the Eurostars National Project Coordinator (NPC) in your country. In Sweden, you may contact the EU SME support office (www.eusme.se) or the Eurostars NPC and Project Officers at Vinnova.
  5. Be sure to get proper up to date directions on how to fill in the application form. Access the Application Guidelines.
  6. Start to discuss the consortium agreement in parallel with drafting the application.
  7. Make sure that all information in the application form is correct especially the contact details for the contact persons. When submitting, avoid submission during the last hours before cut-off.
  8. If you are an SME, be prepared to complete and return The Eurostars Commitment and Signature Form and also The European Commission SME declaration approximately 1 week after the cut-off date.
  9. You wait for approximately for four months for the evaluation of your Eurostars application to be finalised, including the subsequent check for availability of national funding.
  10. All funding to participants in approved projects is managed by their respective national funding body, VINNOVA in Sweden who will invite you for national funding.
  11. Finalise and Sign the Consortium Agreement together with project partners. The main participant in the consortium sends the signed agreement as a PDF-file by e-mail to the Eurostars programme in Brussels. To be done within 12 weeks after the official notification from the Eurostars programme by email that funding is available for your project.