Möjligheten att skicka in en kort ansökan  (steg 1) till EIC Accelerator är nu stängd. Den öppnar igen 22 januari. Den som försöker att skicka in nu möts av texten nedan. 

Whilst you may start or continue to prepare your EIC Accelerator step 1 short proposal, its submission to EIC is frozen until 22 June 2021.

Due to operational delays linked to the late approval of Horizon Europe legal base and budget by European Parliament and Council, any proposal you would submit today onwards would have no chance to be evaluated in time, for you to develop and submit your full proposal for the cut-off date of 16 June 2021. We remind you that should your short proposal be successful, you can submit your full proposal at any other cut-off date this year onwards.

Moreover, the step 1 functionalities of the EIC AI-based platform will be enriched with new features, starting 22 June 2021